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  OxnardRenaissance.org focuses on Oxnard placemaking, planning, and economic development issues. We support infill, incremental, small-scale, walkable, appropriate housing, and mixed-use development in downtown Oxnard, neighborhoods surrounding the downtown, and along Oxnard's main street corridors and civic nodes.

  Oxnard is not that sleepy farm town of the past. We are a more than 225,000 strong multi-cultural population, and if we do not plan properly - sprawl will continue to be our future. Today Oxnard zoning and design guidelines incentivize sprawl, lousy architectural design, and poor planning.

  Oxnard does not have appropriate Development Standards and Design Guidelines to allow for the proper implementation of the Downtown Oxnard Vision Plan Charrette.

  Oxnard recently (December, 2017) hired the Downtown Manager called for in the Vision Plan. We welcome Claudia Pedroso to Oxnard and will do everything possible to support her efforts to make downtown Oxnard a walkable community oriented successful downtown.

  There is no Architectural Review in the entire City of Oxnard. Except for a limited and flawed Downtown Design Review Committee - where a senior member recently stated, and we paraphrase here: "It is more important to keep shop owners happy than uphold design standards" - and because the Ventura Design Review Committee upholds design standards in Ventura - "Ventura has it all wrong". This is hard to believe - a SoCal coastal city - and developers can do whatever they want in terms of architectural design.

  Oxnard Planning department has ⅓ the number of planners than any other city in Ventura County, with a population of more than 30,000? Oxnard needs to triple the number of staff planners to properly serve community needs. Why is the Oxnard City Council, the City Managers office, and Community Development starving Oxnard planning? Your guess is as good as mine - but for sure - Oxnard cannot properly plan for the future with 7, instead of 21, planners. The lack of movement towards the creation of appropriate downtown Development Standards and Design Guidelines may be the result of not enough planners - or the result of an Oxnard City Council and Oxnard City Manager not paying attention to planning and economic development in the City of Oxnard.

  Oxnard leadership, at all levels, is not taking city planning and economic development seriously in Oxnard. Be a part of the solution - join OxnardRENAISSANCE.ORG  Work with us to put pressure on Oxnard decision makers do a better job planning Oxnard's future. OxnardRenaissance.org is a voice for better Oxnard planning, even if we ruffle some feathers.

  OxnardRenaissance.org is the personal Oxnard planning blog of Roy Prince. Roy is the founder of the Oxnard Community Planning Group (OCPG) (OxnardCPG.com). For the last several years Roy has been working with others interested in the Oxnard planning community to uplevel planning in Oxnard. It is a slow and painful process primarily because city planning staff is not available or, it appears, interested in improving planning in Oxnard. However, the OCPG has had successes in its brief existence:
  • Influenced the OCCTIP process to include more walkability and people-oriented design on Oxnard Boulevard. The OCPG authored document: A LIVABLE OXNARD – A new investment, economic development and multi-story housing vision for Oxnard - is included in the OCCTIP report addendum
  • The OCPG was instrumental in bringing the Congress for the New Urbanism - CA Chapter to Oxnard for the wonderful 5 day pro-bono Charrette
  • The OCPG created the Earth Day Tactical Urbanism event - 5 blocks of protected bike path between Plaza Park and H Street
  • The OCPG  has pushed for the hiring of a Director of Downtown Development to implement the Charrette recommendations - we keep pushing...
  • The OCPG participates in Community Planning Workshops - to uplevel planning for Oxnard
  • OxnardRenaissance.org produced the Citizen Jane movie event at Heritage Square Hall

  While we have had our successes - we continue to hit our heads on the walls of a recalcitrant system - we need more help. The OCPG by itself has had a significant influence and impact on better planning in Oxnard. But we need more people to get involved in Oxnard planning issues.

  We believe that Oxnard suffers from a lack of attention to planning issues at both the City Council and Senior Staff levels. Good planning is in part hobbled because Oxnard decision makers have starved our Panning Department of necessary personnel. There will be more on this in coming issues.

  We post on planning subjects that we think will inform and educate - and while posts may not be specific to Oxnard - all will assist us to deepen our appreciation for and understanding of universal and New Urbanist planning principles and issues.

  Of course, we hope you will stick around, and if you like what you see - please share our work, Facebook page, and this website with your friends and associates.

  OxnardRenaissance.org attempts to up-level the discourse in Oxnard by providing insightful planning related information each week. Be a part of the "Better Planning for Oxnard" conversation at OxnardRenaissance.org

  OxnardRenaissance.org is a new voice and champion for better planning in Oxnard. We invite you to become involved with OxnardRenaissance.org. OxnardRenaissance.org needs you and the City of Oxnard needs you.