Why We Code

Oxnard needs Form Based Zoning Codes for the Successor Agency (Redevelopment) properties. Form based codes will give developers proper guidance – they will know precisely what is wanted by Oxnard Planning before they submit a project. Without Form Based codes developers will not have proper direction and may build anything that meets current 50-year-old development standards and design guidelines.  Code workshop at CNU 23 sponsored by DPZ and Placemakers Andres Duany offers more than 20 reasons why urban design coding is necessary—and he hopes that someday it will no longer be needed.Within the last half-century, some 30 million buildings have degraded cities and … Read more

Tenement Housing for H Street?

A lousy project has been proposed for North H Street between 1st and 2nd street. 8 barracks like boxes each containing 5 bedrooms with 5 attached bathrooms. How many people do you think will be living in each box? I submit that number will vary between 10 and 20 or more per property – and 8 of the ugly things are being proposed by an out of town developer-owner. How many cars do you think will come along with 5 families? Please come to the planning commission meeting on Thursday, Oct 5th – 7 pm – in City Council Chambers. I … Read more

Architectural Review

Architectural Review   There is no architectural review in Oxnard, except in the Central Business District (CBD). And even the architectural review in the CBD has no teeth. Oxnard Architectural Review Board Not having a formal architectural review process forces the Oxnard Planning Commission and the Oxnard City Council to perform, among other things, architectural design evaluation. The Oxnard Planning Commission and the Oxnard City Council get projects that are not properly vetted from a design, and possibly other, perspective – projects that the PC and CC would never see if properly vetted by an architectural review process. How does this … Read more