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Welcome Oxnard PlaceMakers

OxnardRenaissance.org focuses on Oxnard planning issues. We support infill incremental and small-scale walkable appropriate housing and mixed-use development in downtown Oxnard, neighborhoods surrounding the downtown, and along Oxnard’s main street corridors and civic nodes. Oxnard is not that sleepy farm town of the past. We are a more than 225,000 strong multi-cultural population, and if we do not plan properly – sprawl will continue to be our future. Current Oxnard zoning and design guidelines incentivize sprawl, lousy architectural design, and poor planning.

Currently, Oxnard does not have appropriate Development Standards and Design Guidelines to allow for the proper implementation of the Downtown Oxnard Vision Plan Charrette.

On a positive note, Oxnard has finally hired (Dec, 2017) a Downtown Development Manager, Claudia Pedroso, as recommended in the implementation part of the Vision Plan. OxnardRenaissance wishes Claudia the best and offers to assist Claudia in all ways possible. Just ask.

There is no Architectural Review in the entire City of Oxnard (except for a very limited Downtown Design Review Committee). This is hard to believe – a SoCal coastal city – and developers can do whatever they want in terms of architectural design. Unacceptable.

We post on planning subjects that we think will inform and educate – while posts may not be specific to Oxnard – all will assist us to deepen our appreciation for and understanding of universal Traditional Neighborhood Development and New Urbanist planning principles and issues.

OxnardRenaissance.org attempts to improve the discourse in Oxnard by providing insightful planning related information each week. Be a part of the “Better Planning for Oxnard” conversation atOxnardRenaissance.org

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