Roy’s early 2018 list of high-quality resources for revisioning Oxnard’s downtown – or downtowns everywhere.

Small Developer/Builders

I especially recommend the Small Developer/Builders Facebook page. Oxnard has strong potential for missing middle housing in the R-2 areas surrounding the CBD. Only problem being City of Oxnard parking requirements/restrictions.

R John Anderson

The Shoupistas

Parking is a huge urban design and civic space issue. Oxnard parking requirements/restrictions continue to make downtown housing impossible…

Urban Retail Institute

Retail Apocalypse? Read about it here. How are we repurposing dying retail malls and other spaces into housing and other spaces that contribute to our cities.

Missing Middle Housing

Today it’s all about how to make/remake Missing Middle housing…when parking requirements/restrictions allow. Oxnard has tremendous potential for missing middle housing – if only Oxnard planning could help us move in that direction.

Strong Towns

Léon Krier


Project for Public Spaces

Civic By Design