AAHOP is BAD Planning

  OxnardRENAISSANCE.ORG is for appropriate affordable housing in Oxnard. But AAHOP is poor planning – and must be eliminated or greatly improved.

  AAHOP is bad for Oxnard because it concentrates large populations of very low-income people. Monocultures of any kind are bad for the environment, and bad for the beings that must endure such environments. Locating a large number of very low-income people in one place does damage to the fabric of a city and damage to the psyches of people that have no other options.

  A poster child of poor planning in Oxnard is the AAHOP Skyview drive-in project. Barrack like buildings concentrates 1000 very low-income people within 2 blocks of the downtown Oxnard core.

  Oxnard’s downtown needs 5,000 new residents with generally average disposable income to make it come alive again. Skyview is simply bad city planning.

  We have to work harder to integrate our very low-income population within the overall fabric of Oxnard. It is not easy but it must be done. And AAHOP is not the way to accomplish our goals for more affordable housing.