Oxnard Architecture

  For better examples of Oxnard architecture see below.

  It’s hard to define an architectural style for Oxnard…is it Victorian, bungalow, traditional or mid-century? Is it brick, wood, stone or stucco? Is it traditional or modern? Well, yes – it is. Oxnard has examples of each of the above – but there is no cohesive definitive “Oxnard” style. This is both a problem and an opportunity.

One of the reasons places like Santa Barbara are so successful is the creation of a consistent architectural theme. I find this a very attractive idea (not to copy the SB style)…and it makes things much simpler, and thus perhaps more successful, for a town or city.


Because there is some precedent for simple stucco styles in Oxnard:


And here is a link to a few more style ideas for Oxnard:


I would like to see more emphasis on traditional styles in the Design Guidelines for Oxnard…with more pics to assist planners, designers, developers, and the public to more easily visualize excellent design and style for Oxnard.


I believe the finest building in Oxnard is the Post Office at the corner of 4th and A Street.

 Our historic Post Office complete with a WPA mural in the lobby.

  A very handsome remodel at 505 A Street, Downtown Oxnard Dao Doan/Mainstreet

  Back of 505 A Street. Excellent treatment of parking lot facade.  Dao Doan/Mainstreet

  426 Fifth Street, Downtown Oxnard


  The Woolworth building at Fourth Street and A Street, downtown Oxnard.


  Attractive remodel save for the strip mall like sign that violates the Oxnard Sign Code and inappropriate signs in windows. Corner of Fourth Street and A Street, downtown Oxnard.


  Oxnard Transportation Center (OTC)


  Sisters Servants of Mary Convent – G Street, Oxnard.