Oxnard Community College District

Sounds great, doesn’t it.

  The VCCCD is building a beautiful new Ventura campus like gangbusters – yet our style conscious Oxnard youth are being shortchanged with an unappealing campus and limited class offerings. WHY?

  There are many more Oxnard CC students than in any other part of the county – yet the technical classes our students need and want are only offered in Ventura and Moorpark. Welding for instance. The public transportation Oxnard students need is nonexistent.

  Oxnard is holding back our youth and thwarting the cities economic development. Education and Economic Development go hand-in-hand in Oxnard, as it does everywhere. It’s happening for the students of Ventura and Moorpark – now it’s time for it to happen for our students, here in Oxnard. It is time to stand up for our youth and our City.
The Oxnard community knows very well that Oxnard City Council members can and must encourage and influence this decision.

  The Oxnard community asks our City Council to make the “Oxnard Community College District” your personal high priority this coming year.

The above was sent via email to Art Hernandez (VCCCD Board of Trustees member representing Oxnard) on August 29, 2017. And Cc:’d to Linda Parks and John Zaragoza – and Bcc:’d to the Oxnard City Council: Tim Flynn, Carmen Ramirez, Bryan A. MacDonald, Bert E. Perello, and Oscar Madrigal. There has not been a response to date…

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople.