NO more sprawl.

When our urban core and corridor areas and nodes – are suburbanized and underutilized, why would Oxnard decision makers consider areas protected by SOAR for suburban expansion?

It was suggested that some future Oxnard expand into the area east of Rice and south of PCH and wrapping around to Pleasant Valley Road and Hueneme Roads.

Expanding housing into urban growth boundary areas is suburban and auto-centric sprawl. The areas mentioned above are separated from more central Oxnard neighborhoods by wide highways and freeway type intersections. Expanding into these areas would create essentially new little towns (like RiverPark and or The Collection). They would not be in Oxnard but would sprawl away from the downtown core and more central neighborhoods towards the Navy Base.

All near-term efforts to house a growing population must be concentrated in the Downtown, and on Oxnard Boulevard and Saviers Road.

Only after our urban core and corridors are maxed out – then and only then – consider other development options.

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