Today, I share with you, that I am no longer a member of – and am fully independent of – the Oxnard Community Planning Group. I wish the Planning Group only the very best in all future work.

I founded the Oxnard Community Planning Group in early 2015, along with a few other members. The Planning Group has accomplished a lot since then:

Influenced the OCCTIP process to include more walkability and people-oriented urban design on Oxnard Boulevard (early 2015)

I, along with assistance from the OCPG, authored the document: A LIVABLE OXNARD – A new investment, economic development and multi-story housing vision for Oxnard – which is included in the OCCTIP report addendum (2015)

The OCPG was instrumental in bringing the Congress for the New Urbanism – CA Chapter to Oxnard for the wonderful 5-day pro-bono Charrette (early 2016)

The OCPG produced a “Downtown Summit” and invited the ODID and DOMA to meet with the Planning Group to attempt to bring our groups together (2016)

The OCPG created the Earth Day Tactical Urbanism event – 5 blocks of protected bike path between Plaza Park and H Street (2017)

The OCPG encouraged the hiring of a Director of Downtown Development to implement the Charrette recommendations (2016-2017)

The OCPG participates in Community Planning Workshops – to improve the planning discourse in Oxnard (2015 and ongoing)

I, via, with assistance from the OCPG, produced the Citizen Jane movie event at Heritage Square Hall (2017)

I believe the most productive way for me to advocate for better urban planning in Oxnard, at this time, is to act as a fully independent entity. I will continue my planning advocacy effort in Oxnard via my website and Roy’s Oxnard Renaissance Placemaking Newsletter.

I invite all those interested in better planning outcomes for Oxnard, including the Planning Group, to connect and work with me – let’s work together to make Oxnard a successful, dynamic, and beautiful City. Oxnard has the bones, the culture, and the creativity – now all that is necessary is the political will. Let’s work together to create that political will.

Roy Prince

Roy Prince R.A. Architect
CNU – California Chapter
PO Box 6838
Oxnard, CA 93031

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