A lousy project has been proposed for North H Street between 1st and 2nd street. 8 barracks like boxes each containing 5 bedrooms with 5 attached bathrooms. How many people do you think will be living in each box? I submit that number will vary between 10 and 20 or more per property – and 8 of the ugly things are being proposed by an out of town developer-owner.

How many cars do you think will come along with 5 families?

Please come to the planning commission meeting on Thursday, Oct 5th – 7 pm – in City Council Chambers. I request that you speak against this project.

One of the reasons Oxnard is seeing such projects is that there is no architectural review anywhere in Oxnard for any kind of project – except for the ineffectual Downtown Design Review Committee (DDRC) in the Central Business District (CBD). Oxnard badly needs architectural review.

What follows is a letter I have sent to Oxnard Planning Commissioners, City Council members and the public via email and our email newsletter.

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