Superblocks of Barcelona
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Superblocks of Barcelona

Over two years ago, Barcelona set the transportation world aflutter when it announced it would be attempting to reinvent parts of its city by developing a Superblock system by transforming targeted street grids to prioritize people over cars. On selected small street networks large parts of intersections and roadways would be taken back for parks and community gathering. Vehicles would not be banned, but it would redesign the grids so that fast thru-traffic was discouraged thru a series of driving direction changes, street narrowing and speed limits. Thus, almost all vehicles present would be either local residents or people with personal business on those streets.

An ode to Lisbon’s kiosks by photographer Richard John Seymour
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An ode to Lisbon’s kiosks by photographer Richard John Seymour

Once obsolete, these staples of city life are making a comeback Until just a few years ago, a ‘capilé’ would have been as unfamiliar to Lisbonites as to those outside of Portugal. Once a staple local tipple, made from maidenhair fern leaf syrup and essence of orange blossom, it slipped out of people’s consciousness as…

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Manual for rebuilding community health & opportunity post-COVID This Pandemic Toolkit is a distillation of an ongoing, crowd-sourced compilation of reality-tested strategies to help local and regional governments respond to challenges imposed by COVID-19, but also to help become more resilient in the face of future pandemics. The Toolkit is organized by action steps related…

Ciudad Cayalá & Herencia de Allende
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Ciudad Cayalá & Herencia de Allende

“The Art of Making Places: A Panel Discussion on Ciudad Cayalá & Herencia de Allende with Leon Krier, María Sánchez, and Pedro Godoy On May 19th, 2020, the ICAA presented this special panel discussion only to ICAA Members. The recording has now been made available here for the enjoyment of the general public. If you…

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Oxnard Draft Downtown Code & Architectural Guidelines

Oxnard recently released the Draft of the new Downtown Code & Architectural Guidelines. Click the image below to get your PDF copy. If you would like to comment on this document please contact us.

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The Ped Shed – Building a Successful Equitable Oxnard – 2018.11.29

Downtown Oxnard and Pink Zones: At a recent DITF meeting, Able Magana mentioned that the owner of the Vogue theater building had been approached by a City employee. The owner claims he was told that, as the 20-year agreement had expired, “would you please tear down those 6 spaces facing west on B Street”. That…

CBX 2-Day Conference

I recently attended the 2-day conference in New Orleans. This on the ground practical urban design and urban planning education is unparalleled in the take-home doable information and ideas. Here are two audio excerpts from the conference:     If you have any questions about the above info please contact the author.

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Gentle density: Making neighborhoods transit-ready

A recently built accessory dwelling in a new urban subdivision in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Source: Mission Heights development. ROBERT STEUTEVILLE    AUG. 30, 2018 Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a rapidly growing city—the largest in Northwest Arkansas, a region with major corporate headquarters including Walmart, and a major research university in the University of Arkansas. Fayetteville is a low-density city…